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 X Codes V.1

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X Codes V.1 Empty
PostSubject: X Codes V.1   X Codes V.1 EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 10:34 pm

Available Cheat
-Attack Healing code
-Requirements-Rank 2 Mage
Strategy of attack healing code
1.Go to the opponent you like to fight
2.Click the opponent once then use ice shard.
3.Then go out of the area of the opponent not goto ok just go out.
4.Then go back in then use ice shard again on opponent.
5.Then go out of the opponent's area.
6.Do it 5 times.
7.After doing it five times go in the opponent's area then double click the oppoenent to attack the opponent
8.While your fighting your opponent you will be healed by the attacks of the opponent.

-Yash100 Battle on!
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X Codes V.1
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