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Command List Empty
PostSubject: Command List   Command List EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 10:29 pm

Chat Commands

/tell *player name*: Sends a private message to any player you specify. For users with space in their name, see next entry.
*player name* > : Sends a private message to any player you specify. Allows the "space" character and works.
/ignore *player name*: Does not show any communication from specified player; prevents the player from using "/goto" to follow you (see below).
/unignore *player name*: Allows previously ignored players communications.
/me, /em, or,/e *Action*: Posts a green message into the chat window in the form of an action.(e.g.: "/me throws you into a pit" Output: "artix throws you into a pit"
/goto *player name*: Allows you to teleport to a player.
/pmoff: ignoring PMs.
/pmon: accepting PMs.
/p Puts chat in Party mode
/s Changes other type(s) of chat back to the normal mode
/who Same as pressing U. Adding a name after typing the command checks whether the specified player is online in that server. Does not work on users with a space in their name.
/r Respond to whisper
/invite *player name*: Sends a group invitation to a specified player.
You can also use /pi
/friend *player name*: Sends a friend invitation to a specified player.

Special Commands

/reload Reloads the current map.
/afk will send u to (afk)


/feign: Acts out being stabbed, then you fall to the floor. You stay on the floor until another action is performed.
/dance: You do a jig.
/laugh: Shoulders and head bounce in a laugh.
/point: Your weapon cuts out an arc over your head, then stays pointed out before you.
/use: What ever object you're holding is turned vertical, and bobs up and down.
/swordplay: You move back and forth in a crouched position, thrusting a generic sword in your non-sword-hand.
/wave: Waves your non-sword-hand back and forth.
/punt: Kicks out.
/sleep: Lie down in a position similar to "/feign"; however Zs can be seen coming from your head.
/rest: Kneels down(regenerates health and mana).
/dance2: You do the can-can.
/jump: One vertical leap.
/bow: You bow at the hip.
/backflip: One rather impressive backflip.
/cry: Both hands cover the face, and a stream of tears appear from both sides of your head.
/unsheath: Your avatar moves into a fighting position.

New emotes as of May 1st!

/stern: You place your hands on your hip. Weapon disappears.
/cheer: You raise your weapon and shake it three times in a "Hip Hip Hurray".
/salute: A salute. You raise your weapon once.
/facepalm: Self-explanatory. (Best emote ever)
/airguitar: You play your weapon like a guitar. Best used with one of four guitar weapons.


F = Friends (This displays your friends list)
I = Inventory (This displays your inventory)
L = Quests (This displays the quests your are currently doing, includes the status "Complete" when you can turn in for quest reward)
U = shows all users (This displays all players in the current area)
T = Target (This shortcut may only be used when selecting a Player or Monster. Pressing T will target whatever they have targetted)
V Shows a small green health bar above everyones head.
1 = Auto attack
2 = 2nd skill
3 = 3rd skill
4 = 4th skill
5 = 5th skill
6 = 6th skill
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Command List
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